Jan 2020 Pay for Performance raises | update

TSEA December 4, 2019 Comments Off on Jan 2020 Pay for Performance raises | update

On Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, as part of our quarterly meeting schedule, TSEA met with Tennessee Department of Human Resources Commissioner Juan Williams and his staff to discuss several ongoing state employee issues and concerns. During the meeting, we discussed the upcoming Jan. 2020 Pay-for-performance raises.

As a reminder, in January 2020, all state employees under the TEAM Act who are rated “Valued” and above will receive a 2-percent adjustment to their base salary.

There will also be additional one-time bonuses distributed to employees rated “advanced” and “outstanding.” However, details of these one-time bonuses are not yet available as DOHR and the Department of Finance and Administration are still working through this data. DOHR indicated to TSEA that employees could expect to learn the final details by the end of December.

As a reminder, employees in Non-TEAM Act agencies were also funded in the budget to receive 2-percent raises, and Higher Education employees were funded to receive pay adjustments from a 2-percent pool of money. Though, these two groups are likely to have already received their pay adjustments, as they are on different pay schedules than TEAM Act employees.

As soon as TSEA learns additional information about the
performance raises for employees under the TEAM Act, we will share that
information with you.

We are grateful to the members of the TN General Assembly and the Lee Administration for creating and passing a budget earlier this year that included funding for state employee raises.