TSEA Staff

TSEA Staff
TSEA employs a full-time professional staff to assist members with their questions and work-related concerns.

Robert O’Connell – Executive Director
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Tommy Francis

Tommy Francis – Membership Director
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Sarah Adair – Government Affairs Director
Email Sarah Adair

Chris Dauphin – Communications Director
Email Chris Dauphin

Amanda Clelland – Communications Coordinator
Email Amanda Clelland

LaTanya McAdoo – Executive Administrative Assistant
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John Cahill – Accountant II
Email John Cahill

Tim Clo – Accountant I
Email Tim Clo

Jonathan Stephens – Staff Attorney
Email Jonathan Stephens

Jo Ann Davis-Davis – Employee Rights Manager
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Anthony Trice web

Anthony Trice – Employee Rights Coordinator
Email Anthony Trice

Susan O’Bryan – Administrative Assistant for Employee Rights
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Gwen Tuttle – Employee Compensation and Benefits Manager
Email Gwen Tuttle

Gayle Robb – Employee Compensation and Benefits Representative
Email Gayle Robb

Linda Cartwright-Darden – Administrative Assistant for Membership
Email Linda Darden

Lisa Hogue-Moffett – Field Representative District 1
Email Lisa Moffett

Terrell Gregory – Field Representative District 2
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Tommy Francis

Tommy Francis – Field Representative District 3
Email Tommy Francis

Terry Carroll – Field Representative District 4
Email Terry Carroll

Gayle Williams – Field Representative District 5
Email Gayle Williams

Junie Rolens – Receptionist
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