TSEA Staff

Executive Director’s Office

LaTanya McAdoo – Interim Executive Director
& Executive Administrative Assistant

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Government Affairs

Randy Stamps web

Randy Stamps – Government Affairs Director
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Tommy Francis

Tommy Francis – Membership Director
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Linda Cartwright-Darden – Administrative Assistant for Membership
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Lisa Moffett – East Tennessee Field Representative
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Sandra Website

Sandra Pleas – Middle Tennessee Field Representative

Gayle Williams – West Tennessee Field Representative
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Legal Services

Jonathan Stephens – Staff Attorney
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Jo Ann Davis-Davis – Legal Services Manager
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Photo Unavailable

Keisha Pittman – Legal Services Coordinator

Susan O’Bryan – Paralegal
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Compensation & Benefits

Gayle Robb – Employee Compensation and Benefits Manager
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Terry Carroll

Terry Carroll – Employee Compensation and Benefits Representative
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Chris Dauphin – Communications Director
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Tim Clo – Communications Coordinator
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John Cahill – Accountant II
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Junie Rolens – Receptionist
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Tennessee State Employees Association

627 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Phone: (615) 256-4533
Toll FREE: 1-800-251-TSEA (8732)
Fax: (615) 242-6329

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After Hours Phone instructions

After calling TSEA @ (615) 256-4533 or Toll-FREE 800-251-TSEA (8732) you will hear a recorded message. During or after the recorded message, you can dial the extension of the staff person you are trying to reach or “0” for a staff directory. If the staff person is no longer in the office or away from their desk, your call will be sent to the staff member’s voicemail.