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The Tennessee Employees Action Movement (TEAM-PAC) is the political action committee of the Tennessee State Employees Association. Working to elect candidates who support state employees is the primary goal of TEAM-PAC.

TSEA members are involved in the political process through TEAM-PAC.

TEAM-PAC endorses candidates in gubernatorial and state legislative races and provides financial and volunteer support in the races of candidates who have worked with the Association to address the concerns of employees.

TEAM- PAC is solely funded by active and retired state employees in Tennessee. That means when our PAC makes an endorsement and commits funds or resources to a campaign, every dollar of those funds and resources came directly from the pockets of active and retired Tennessee state employees.

TEAM-PAC is governed by a nine-member administrative committee with three members elected from each of the state’s three regions.

For more information about TEAM-PAC, including endorsements, please visit us at our official website here: