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Tennessee State Employees Association

627 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Phone: 615-256-4533
Toll free: 1-800-251-TSEA (8732)
Fax: 615-242-6329

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After Hours Phone instructions

After calling TSEA @ 615-256-4533 or Toll-FREE 800-251-TSEA (8732) you will hear a recorded message. During or after the recorded message, you can dial the extension of the staff person you are trying to reach or “0” for a staff directory. If the staff person is no longer in the office or away from their desk, your call will be sent to the staff member’s voicemail.

Executive Director’s Office

Randy Stamps – Executive Director
Ext. 240
Email Randy Stamps

LaTanya McAdoo – Executive Administrative Assistant
Ext. 233
Email LaTanya McAdoo

Membership Department

Linda Cartwright-Darden – Administrative Assistant for Membership
Ext. 225
Email Linda Darden

Lisa Hogue-Moffett – Membership Manager/ District 1  Field Representative (East TN)
(423) 571-0094
Email Lisa Moffett

Josh Parant – District 2 Field Representative (Mid-East TN)
Email Josh Parant

Sandra Pleas – District 3 Field Representative (Middle TN)
Email Sandra Pleas

Gayle Williams – District 4 Field Representative (West TN)
(731) 217-5911
Email Gayle Williams

James Head – Part-time Recruiter
(865) 809-1162
Email James Head

Government Affairs Department

Paul Overholser – Government Affairs Manager & Research Analyst
Ext. 223
Email Paul Overholser

Legal Services Department

If you need assistance with a disciplinary action, appeal, or mediation

Jonathan Stephens – Staff Attorney
Ext. 228
Email Jonathan Stephens

Keisha M. Pittman – Legal Services Coordinator
Ext. 230
Email Keisha Pittman

Susan O’Bryan – Paralegal
Ext. 226
Email Susan O’Bryan

Compensation & Benefits Department

If you are having issues with your compensation, insurance and other benefits, or have a question regarding retirement options

Gayle Robb – Employee Compensation and Benefits Manager
Ext. 229
Email Gayle Robb

Terry Carroll – Employee Compensation and Benefits Representative
Ext. 232
Email Terry Carroll

Communications Department

Chris Dauphin – Communications Director
Ext. 234
Email Chris Dauphin

Accounting Department

Tim Clo –  Communications Coordinator/Accountant I
Ext. 236
Email Tim Clo

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