TSEA Legislation

Legislative Agenda for 2017

TSEA this year has filed legislation and has secured bill sponsors for the following issues:

• TEAM Act Reform
• Private Prisons County loophole
• Hazard, Retention, Scheduling State Employees
• Higher Ed Outsource Protection Act
• Higher Ed compensation
• State Services Outsourcing
• Outsource removal
• PARK Bill
• Employee Access
• Longevity Restoration
• Safety officers at roadside Worksites
• DCS and Youth Development Centers
• Comprehensive pay bill
• Oversight Committees
• Law by regulation
• Outsource and Contract Oversight Complete Contract List

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Some highlights of the Legislative bill package are as follows:

TEAM Act reform: This comprehensive bill will address issues with pay for performance, RIF policy, due process within the TEAM Act, and more.

State services outsourcing: The bill includes a presumption that all work on behalf of the state should be done by state employees. It would require a true cost of contracting when something is contracted out, plus the Agency must write in the contract language that would rebut the presumption the functions in the contract can’t be done by state employees. This is a comprehensive bill and is not limited to just the items stated in this summary.

Hazard pay, retention, and scheduling for State Employees: State employees who interact with dangerous individuals or in dangerous locations will receive hazard pay when they are performing their duties. The bill also establishes an automatic trigger when turnover rates for individual jobs or agencies increases above 15% to enhance employment opportunities and salary rates. The scheduling portion, is for those who work strange and ever changing schedules along with not receiving overtime when working more than 160 hours in a month.

Longevity for all: This bill reinstates the longevity as it was prior to July 1 of 2015.

Retirement enhancement: This bill would seek to add a minimum to the cost-of-living amount retirees receive. The legislation also addresses what CPI index the “COLA” is tied to and it will seek to increase the Part ‘D’ supplement retirees get in addition to their monthly pay.

If you do not see an important issue on our agenda, let us know! Chances are we are working on those efforts through our coalition work with legislators and other interested parties.

Click here for 2017 Legislation details

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