TSEA Legislation

Legislative Agenda for 2023

The 113th Tennessee General Assembly convened on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

Livestreams and videos of legislative meetings and activities are accessible on the legislative calendar page at this link: https://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/schedule/

For a list of bill numbers for key legislation we are actively monitoring or working to advance, click here.

Legislative Priorities for 2023

  • Maintain funding for pay4performance
  • Maintain funds needed to fulfill commitment to TCRS
  • Maintain funding to pay 80 percent of insurance premiums
  • Continue and increase funding to complete the results of the entire market study, so every employee is moved through the range
  • Match 401(k) at $100 per month
  • Support bills effecting employees proposed by the Legislative Ad Hoc Committee on Juvenile Justice
  • Support Paid FMLA for birth and adoption across state government and higher education
  • Support additional state holiday on June 19th
  • Support moving DCS teachers into the pay4performance plan
  • Continue working for Correctional Teacher Equalization pay

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