TSEA Legislation

Legislative Agenda for 2022

The 112th Tennessee General Assembly reconvened on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

Livestreams and videos of legislative meetings and activities are accessible on the legislative calendar page at this link: https://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/schedule/

For a list of bill numbers for key legislation we are actively monitoring or working to advance, click here.

Legislative Priorities for 2022

Retain and build on Governor Bill Lee’s proposed budget for:

  • Funding for P4P increases equivalent to 4% on January 1 based on score
  • Funding for Higher Ed and other branches of government raises equivalent to 4%
  • Encourage Higher Ed institutions to update market salary studies
  • Funding for updated market study and then funding to make sure all job classes meet the market rate
  • Advocate for increasing ranges of all preferred service job classifications
  • Additional funding for TCRS legacy plan and OPEB post retiree health insurance
  • Increase in 401(k) starting July 1 to $100 for 1 year

TSEA Legislative Initiatives:

  • Passage of Burden of Proof and other technical corrections involving employee rights
  • Working administratively with DoHR and Higher Ed campuses to make sure TSEA has enhanced access to employee onboarding and orientations
  • Equity in correctional teacher pay
  • Retention bonus for state employees who no longer get longevity
  • Support elimination of private prisons
  • Monitor any caseload legislation for DCS case managers
  • Pursue further discounts for state employees, retirees, and Higher Education employees at state parks

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