TSEA has a new video podcast called #AskTSEA!

Got questions about TSEA, state government, employee rights, legislation, or compensation & benefits? Or maybe you just want to know our predictions for Vols football this year. Whatever your question, we want to hear it!

Each month, we will select 5 questions to answer on our new monthly video podcast #AskTSEA which will release at the beginning of every month.

If your submitted question is selected for the show, we will air your question and your name as part of the video podcast.

IMPORTANT: Not all questions submitted to AskTSEA will be answered on the show or elsewhere. Questions submitted to AskTSEA are only for TSEA to consider for the show. If your question is urgent or personal, or if you need TSEA to reply to your question, please submit those questions to [email protected] or directly to the appropriate staff member. You can also call us with your questions at 615-256-4533 or 800-251-8732.

To submit your question (there are several ways):

1. You can video yourself asking the question (or write it out in an email) and send it to us at [email protected], or, 
2. You can submit your question via direct message us through any of our social media channels (Twitter, FB, or Instagram), or,
3. You can upload your video questions directly to our dropbox account by visiting this link and following the instructions:

So, now that you have the basic idea, let’s hear those questions!

#AskTSEA is live! To listen to episodes click a link below from your preferred host.


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If you use another podcast app, search “AskTSEA” or you can subscribe using this url: