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If you were suspended from your job tomorrow, would you know how to file an appeal?

If you were laid off tomorrow, would you know if your rights were violated? Would you know if you qualified for a severance from the State?

Do you have the money to hire an attorney to represent you at a hearing should you be required to appear before the Board of Appeals? A private Attorney could cost several thousand dollars to win or lose, if you can find one that handles administrative matters.

If TSEA did not exist, who would represent your interests at the Tennessee Legislature?

If you retired tomorrow, would you know what happens to your last longevity payment? Or, your remaining sick leave? Or, your accrued annual and compensatory leave?

Can you trust the information you receive when there are proposed changes in your department?

TSEA can help in all of these areas and many more!

Since 1974, TSEA has advocated for state employees on many different levels in as many different ways, and we continue to do so each and every day. Remember, every day while you are working for the state, we are working for you! The more members we have, the more we can do because every member makes us stronger and makes our voice louder. Won’t you make us stronger today?

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TSEA Membership Application

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