State Sick Leave Bank Nomination Information

The State Sick Leave Bank, created through legislation drafted and lobbied into law by TSEA, includes a Board of Trustees. The Sick Leave Bank Board sets policy and reviews appeals of bank members who are denied days from the bank.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the MIDDLE region position is Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 4:30pm. As required by the TSEA Bylaws, nominations for Sick Leave Bank candidates must be submitted 60 days prior to the convening of the RA.

There are three employee representatives on this Board. The representative will be elected by delegates attending the annual TSEA Representative Assembly in June.

Employees of the Departments of Children’s Services (West TN Rep) or Human Services (Middle TN Rep) may not be nominated, as these departments already hold positions.

The term of office is three years. Currently, the regions are represented as follows:

  • East TN Rep is Dr. Alisa Cade, Appalachian Chapter member and employee of the Department of Health, Northeast Regional Health Office in Johnson City.
  • West TN Rep is Teresa Grice, Shelby County chapter member and employee of the Department of Children’s Services in Memphis.
  • Middle TN Rep is Christine Chambers, Davidson County chapter member and employee with the Department of Human Services in Nashville.

All nominees must be members in good standing of TSEA for at least one (1) full year immediately preceding the April 10 deadline for receiving nominations.

  1. Nominations must be made in writing,
  2. Be signed by the nominees;
  3. Include the nominees department and chapter; and
  4. Include the signatures of 25 TSEA members.

A photo and info about the candidates will be printed in the CoWorker prior to the election.

The 2014 SLB Nominee Deadline for the Middle Tennessee Region is April 10, 2014.