Higher Education Employees

Photo Credit: By MTSUGoRaidersGo (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit: By MTSUGoRaidersGo (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The Tennessee State Employees Association is the only group committed to representing higher education state employees from all campuses across the state of Tennessee. The association actively lobbies the state legislature and has a permanent member sitting on the state insurance committee to guard the benefits of higher education employees.

TSEA Achievements Include:

  • Support standard across the board pay increases to individual higher education campuses for all employees.
  • Mandating Longevity for higher education employees (TCA 8-23-206)
  • Establishing the 401(K) match and requiring all subsequent increases in the match to go to all higher education employees (TCA 8-25-301)
  • Legislated and established grievance procedures across the UT and TBR system for support staff (TCA 49-8-117)
  • Required all higher education employees be included in the law providing for health insurance to the employee and family (TCA 8-27-201)
  • Requires the state to pay 80% of premiums with the employee paying 20%.
  • Extended post retirement insurance to all higher education employees with at least 10 years of service (TCA 8-27-205)
  • Mandated retired higher education employees have access to the medicare supplement provided by the state (TCA 8-27-205)
  • Secured three (3) days paid bereavement leave in the event of death of employees’ spouse, children, stepchildren, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, stepparents, foster parents, or parents-in-law (TCA 8-50-113)
  • Established a sick leave bank for institutions within the state university and community college system of Tennessee, and any of the branches of the University of Tennessee for both faculty and non-faculty employees (TCA 8-50-925, 8-50-926)
  • Required Higher Education employees receive a minimum of 90 days notice at TBR institutions prior to reduction-in-force
  • Fought to keep in place Retiree Health Insurance for employees hired prior to July 1, 2015

Membership makes these changes possible.
Help us continue to protect your benefits and salary.

We Have Members on a Campus Near You!

State Community Colleges

  • Chattanooga State CC
  • Cleveland State
  • Columbia State CC
  • Dyersburg State CC
  • Jackson State CC
  • Motlow State CC
  • Nashville State CC
  • Northeast State CC
  • Pellissippi State CC
  • Roane State CC
  • SWTCC Macon
  • SWTCC Union
  • Volunteer State CC
  • Walters State CC

TN Applied Technology Colleges

  • TCAT Elizabethton
  • TCAT Knoxville
  • TCAT Memphis

State Universities

  • Austin Peay
  • *ETSU
  • MTSU
  • Tennessee State
  • Tennessee Tech
  • UT — Knoxville
  • UT — Martin
  • *University of Memphis

*TSEA Higher Education Chapters

Some Important Definitions

Higher Education Membership: Any eligible higher education state employee of the State of Tennessee; such member to be considered a “regular” member

Higher Education Participation: Higher education state employee members shall be eligible to participate in association activities and shall have the same rights and privileges as regular members as applicable to their employment.

Higher Education & Chapter Membership: Any higher education state employee member may choose chapter membership in the county of residence or applicable campus where he/she works.

Higher Education Association Dues: Association dues for higher education state employee members shall be the same per month as all other regular members.

Higher Education Committee (11 members): This committee consists of members from the State Board and the general membership. The responsibility of this committee is to identify and address issues unique to higher education and focus on strategies to grow membership.

The Real Meaning of Higher Education Membership

We often receive calls from active higher education state employees who wonder why they should join TSEA membership. The answer is very simple.

How could you consider not joining the association that will represent you and your family for your entire state career?

Whenever and wherever we have been faced with legislative or contractual matters that would adversely affect our members, this association has responded. TSEA is leading the fight to protect your state employment benefits. For only pennies a day, TSEA works tirelessly to make sure you work with dignity and respect.

Opportunities to Participate

TSEA also offers opportunities for formal and informal interactions with other higher education state employees such as local chapter meetings and annual membership events like Lobby Day, Representative Assembly and Leadership University.

Reaching Out to Others

To be an effective voice for you we need to continue to grow! We need your help to reach out to higher education state employees. What can you do?

Join TSEA today yourself and then contact fellow higher education state employees that you stay in touch with and encourage them to join in membership as well.

Remember, as a state employee of a higher education institution you can be a member of TSEA at a rate of $[dues] per month. You need only complete a membership application and send it to the TSEA office.

You are strong. We are stronger. Make us both strong today. Join TSEA!

To receive an application for membership contact the TSEA office at 1-800-251-8732 or a TSEA Field Representative in your area:

Lisa Hogue-Moffett – Membership Manager/East Tennessee Field Representative
(423) 571-0094
Email Lisa Moffett

Sandra Pleas – Middle Tennessee Field Representative
Email Sandra Pleas

Gayle Williams – West Tennessee Field Representative
(731) 217-5911
Email Gayle Williams