TSEA Advocate Program

uncle-sam_pan_14223We want YOU to be a TSEA Advocate!

As a TSEA Advocate, you will be a critical component in our legislative efforts.

“All politics is local.”  That means legislators want to hear what their constituents think on a particular issue, because that’s who votes at election time.

Our Advocates will be the voice of local state employees to their legislators, their constituents.

It’s simple to be an Advocate:

  1. Complete our Advocate’s application.  

We need to have your HOME e-mail address, your home address, and your cell or home phone. That’s because many of our political communications should not go through the state e-mail system. CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE ADVOCATE FORM.

  1. Commit to contacting YOUR legislators.

As an Advocate, you will be the first to receive information from the TSEA office on important issues at critical times during the legislative process.

When you receive your TSEA communication, we want you to contact YOUR legislator immediately, whether by phone, by e-mail, by whatever means most effective for you.

Legislation can move or change quickly. Legislators need to hear from their constituents. They need to know you are paying attention to what they are doing.

You will only have to contact your ONE senator or representative.  You will only have to make one call or send one e-mail.

  1. Stay Informed

TSEA will keep you informed of what legislation does, where bills are in the process, what changes amendments will make, everything you need to be informed of what’s happening and when to be an effective Advocate.

  1. Stay Involved

We also want you to be involved with TSEA’s legislative efforts and TEAM’s political efforts year round. As an Advocate, you’ll be an integral part of our legislative and political efforts. When legislators see our TSEA lobbyists, we want them to see you and all the other state employees in their district standing behind them.

Whether its fighting elimination of longevity pay, protecting your insurance benefits, advocating for a pay raise, the time you invest as an Advocate will be returned to you many times over.

We need your help to protect your rights as a state employee. CLICK HERE TO BECOME AN ADVOCATE TODAY!