LEGISLATIVE ALERT: No More Longevity Checks. Period

TSEA February 25, 2015 Comments Off on LEGISLATIVE ALERT: No More Longevity Checks. Period
LEGISLATIVE ALERT: No More Longevity Checks. Period
At the request of the Haslam Administration, HB 647 by McCormick has been placed on the Wednesday March 4th calendar for the House State Government Subcommittee. 

This is the Haslam Administration’s bill that would eliminate all longevity pay for state employees in the executive branch and institute a merit pay system.Longevity pay would be eliminated.

During the first year, one-half (50%) of your current longevity pay would be added to an employee’s base salary.   A merit pay system would be implemented which may or may not be funded annually.

There would be NO one-time longevity checks if this legislation is enacted.

TSEA had extended an invitation to representatives of the Haslam Administration to present to the TSEA Board on this longevity issue, as well as proposed changes in the state insurance plan.

Given the fact that this legislation has now been scheduled for a vote, TSEA feels compelled to issue this Legislative Alert.

If you are a higher education, legislative, or judicial employee, your longevity pay is not being eliminated this year, but ALL state employees need to hang together on this issue or you could be next.

Because, if the Haslam Administration can eliminate longevity pay for the majority of state employees this year, what’s going to stop them from eliminating longevity pay for everyone else next year?

If you haven’t done so already, please contact your legislators and urge them to oppose HB 647.


If you have already contacted your legislators, please call them again.

Tell your story of what longevity pay means to you and your family.

If they are supporting state employees, be sure to thank them for their support.

ACT NOW!   If you want to protect your longevity pay, then your legislators need to hear from you, their constituent.