President Merritt on yesterday’s tragedy in Chattanooga

TSEA July 17, 2015 0
President Merritt on yesterday’s tragedy in Chattanooga

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters in Chattanooga. Yesterday was a sad day in Tennessee history. A terrible act by one resulted in the deaths of four unarmed Marines and the wounding of a policeman.

Many of our members were affected by the lockdown, and felt the toll of terror staring them in the face.

Local law enforcement, including our THP and TBI, headed directly into harms way and eliminated the threat. They practiced and trained countless hours to be ready for an unexpected moment like this. They pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.

As we have progressed in communications, it was only a matter of minutes before we knew of this terrible situation unfolding, and prayed for the end to quickly come.

From myself and the Board of Directors here at TSEA, we hope for calmness to restore in Chattanooga and for all affected by this tragedy to have new-found peace.


Bryan Merritt
TSEA President

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