Statement on Comptroller audit findings in TDOC

TSEA January 13, 2020 Comments Off on Statement on Comptroller audit findings in TDOC
Statement on Comptroller audit findings in TDOC

The findings included in the recent Comptroller’s audit of TDOC raise serious concerns for the safety of the state employees and inmates in our state prison system. TSEA believes Commissioner Tony Parker and his department must immediately address these issues.

Our association has for many years called for the State of Tennessee to end its relationship with private prison corporation Core Civic. That position has not changed.

TSEA also has a long history working with TDOC and believes it is important to remember that many of the issues occurring in TDOC today are rooted in decisions made by previous commissioners and administrations.

Commissioner Parker has shown a willingness to listen to TSEA and his TDOC employees and has recently made significant changes in the areas of pay and scheduling. We are confident Commissioner Parker can and will continue to take the appropriate steps to get TDOC on the right track.

TSEA will continue to work with members of the legislature to support the department while keeping a close eye to ensure any decisions made are in the best interests of our brave TDOC state employees.