Inclement Weather Policy reminder

TSEA January 23, 2020 Comments Off on Inclement Weather Policy reminder
Inclement Weather Policy reminder

It is that time of year when winter weather may have us waking up and debating on whether it is safe to drive to work.

Inclement weather does not usually warrant the closing of state offices. Absence due to inclement weather requires that each employee makes a personal decision regarding safety in traveling to and from the workplace. As with any unexpected absence, employees should contact their supervisor using approved methods. Employees can use annual or compensatory time for their absence. Employees with no annual or compensatory time, will be changed as leave without pay.

There are occasions when extraordinary emergency conditions caused by inclement weather may warrant the closing of some state office by the Governor or Governor’s designee. State office closure due to extreme inclement weather will be made on a county by county basis and will include all offices in each designed county. Communication of any closing decision will be made as quickly as practical by public broadcast media.

Certain employees who are employed by the Departments of Mental Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities, Correction, Children’s Services (group homes, schools, and institu¬tions), Transportation, and Safety, and others which require the employee to maintain the health and safety of others may be required to report to work during periods of inclement weather.

Employees who work and/or reside in a county where state offices are closed due to extreme weather will receive administrative leave with pay for regularly scheduled working hours during the period of closing. Employees who must work when offices in their home or work county are closed are eligible for regular compensatory time for hours worked during the period of closing up to their regular scheduled hours for the workday. Part-time employees are not eligible for administrative leave or com¬pensatory time. Employees on previously approved leave during the affected period will be not eligible for administrative leave.

Should you have questions or concerns please contact TSEA Compensation and Benefits staff at [email protected] or Gayle.Robb@tseaonline. org, or by phone at 615-256-4533.

To view the Department of Human Resources policy on Employee Absence and State Office Closure Due to Inclement Weather, Click Here.