TSEA Elects New Association President

TSEA June 21, 2024 Comments Off on TSEA Elects New Association President

SPENCER, Tenn. – June 15, 2024 – The Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA) is pleased to announce the election of Constance Smith-Burwell as the new Association President. Smith-Burwell, a dedicated member of TSEA for 26 years, was sworn in during the association’s 50th Anniversary Representative Assembly held at Fall Creek Falls State Park.

Constance Smith-Burwell has a long history of service within TSEA, having held various key roles, including District 6 Director, Davidson County Chapter Secretary Pro-Tem, Bylaws Chair, and Worksite Representative. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment are ideal attributes for the leader to guide TSEA into the future.

“My vision is to continue to defend our ‘membership funded and membership-driven organization’ in representing the preferred, part-time, retiree, and human rights of all state employees,” said Smith-Burwell. “I am committed to being a ‘voice for the voiceless’ and advocating for fair and equitable treatment in the workplace, protecting benefits and salary compensation.”

Outgoing President Donnie Cole, who has been an exemplary leader and dedicated advocate for TSEA since 1982, passed the torch to Smith-Burwell. Cole’s tenure as President, from 2018 to 2024, has been marked by significant achievements and growth for the association. His legacy of leadership and dedication will continue to inspire future generations within TSEA.

In addition to Smith-Burwell’s election, the Board appointed Cynthia Minnick as District 4 Director and LeAndrew Hayes as District 6 Director. At the same time, Tracy McClain was reelected as the West Tennessee Representative to the Sick Leave Bank Board of Trustees. These appointments fill key leadership positions within the association, ensuring that TSEA continues to thrive and effectively represent its members.

The 50th Anniversary Representative Assembly, attended by more than 200 members, was a momentous occasion for TSEA, filled with informative sessions, workshops, and social activities. The event underscored TSEA’s commitment to its mission of advocating for the work-related interests of state employees, improving pay, benefits, and working conditions through effective lobbying efforts.

For more information about TSEA and its new leadership, please visit TSEA’s website or contact TSEA at (615) 256-4533.

About TSEA The Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a strong, unified voice to advocate for the work-related interests of its members. Since its founding in 1974, TSEA has worked tirelessly to protect and improve the pay, benefits, and working conditions of active and retired state employees across Tennessee.

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