Parking Woes

TSEA March 19, 2014 Comments Off on Parking Woes
Parking Woes

By Jonathan Stephens, TSEA Staff Attorney
[email protected]

NASHVILLE – State employees who work in downtown Nashville have recently had to deal with changes in their usual parking routine. These changes are primarily due to parking lot and road closures as a result of the construction of a new minor league baseball stadium in an area where numerous state employee lots are located. The lot and road closures have caused employees to arrive late for work, to change their normal commuting routes and have generally been confusing due to poor communication from central government. The primary state employee parking lots affected are in the Bicentennial Park area near the capitol. State employees’ frustrations have been compounded by the extreme winter temperatures in the area that made waiting on shuttle buses seem even longer than usual.

TSEA is working with the Department of General Services to address the following concerns that have arisen:

  • The relocation of state employee parking lots due to the construction of the new baseball stadium near the Bicentennial Park that resulted in the closing of some lots;
  • The LP field shuttle bus pickup delays due to mandatory passenger loading requirements; and
  • The employee shuttle bus service changes to add an additional stop at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Charlotte Avenue for improved access to adjacent state buildings.

State websites for information related to employee parking lots, shuttle bus routes and stops may be found at:

If you are aware of other issues related to parking and shuttle bus service in Nashville, please email your concerns to: [email protected].