Project TEAMWork

TSEA December 5, 2012 Comments Off on Project TEAMWork

What is Project TEAMWork? Project TEAMWork was created to gather the feedback and concerns of all state employees as each section of the TEAM Act is enacted. AS problems arise, we will take them to the Commissioner of Human Resources, who gave TSEA and the Legislature her word to address the issues. It is our goal through this process to hold the Administration accountable for any problems that occur as a direct result of the TEAM Act, and to make sure these problems are fixed for the benefit and protection of our valued state employees.

All information reported to TSEA will be handled with confidentiality in mind. As we compile reports to share with DOHR for their help in resolving your issues, we will keep all members’ names and contact information with TSEA and DOHR will only know your issues by an assigned case number. Should they need further information, TSEA will act as the intermediary and contact you to gather that information.

There are a few ways you can report issues you’re seeing in the workplace as the TEAM Act goes into effect. You have the ability in every avenue to remain anonymous if you wish, and we will keep all contact information strictly confidential should you decide to give TSEA your name and phone number or email so we can follow up for further information.

Please bear in mind, if you choose to be anonymous with the issue you’re reporting, we will be unable to follow up on the issue to ensure it is being addressed without sufficient detail. Please be as detailed as possible in your descriptions.

Once the reports are filed and we receive a response from DOHR regarding how they intend to address each issue and the courses of action that will be taken, we will contact each person who submitted their contact information with their concerns and update you on what is being done. Keep in contact with us – if your situation does not improve after we receive DOHR’s response, TSEA needs to know so we can take further action as necessary to ensure your issues are being addressed properly.

We hope that this information helps in this transition, and we urge you to share it with your coworkers. TSEA is committed to making this new phase in state employment successful, gainful, and positive for our hard-working state employees.

How to Report Issues with the TEAM Act to TSEA
Project TEAMWork Hotline: 1-888-943-1238
Report forms: Online Submission Form or Download, Print, and Fax or Mail in to TSEA