Summary of TSEA Legislation 2016

TSEA February 5, 2016 Comments Off on Summary of TSEA Legislation 2016

SB 2485
Sen. Becky Massey

HB 2269
Rep. Bill Dunn

TSEA is preparing an amendment for this bill that will add clarification to the T.E.A.M. Act in the area of dismissal and discipline. This bill intends to amend the T.E.A.M. Act of 2012 regarding hearings on disciplinary action at the Step I and II appeals.

Specifically, the bill will:

• Clarify the situations in which a non-attorney may be present at the Step I hearing and the person’s ability to participate in the hearing;

• Set out procedural rules for the Step I hearing officer; and,

• Provide for the orderly submission of new evidence by management and/or the complainant between the Step I and II hearings.

SB 2361
Sen. Steve Dickerson

HB 2132
Rep. Courtney Rogers

State contracts for services, previously provided by state employees, have increased over the last few years. TSEA is proposing increased legislative oversight of these contracts and the outsourcing of state jobs. This bill will give the legislative Fiscal Review Committee more authority to review contracts. It also adds more legislative oversight to contracts between the State of Tennessee and local counties that contract with private correction corporations. Finally, the bill will add more public disclosure of the details of all state contracts.

SB 2131
Sen. Paul Bailey

HB 2340
Rep. Kent Calfee

This bill will restore longevity retroactive to June 30, 2015. Several areas of state government have reported difficulty hiring new employees. The lack of longevity for new employees is sighted as one reason. The recent audit of issues facing the Department of Correction noted that the lack of longevity for new hires was a factor in hiring new workers.

SB 2302
Sen. Sara Kyle

Rep. Bo Mitchell

This legislation will provide for an annual cost of living raise for all state employees. An annual cost of living raise will insure that state employees’ wages keep pace with inflation. TSEA believes cost of living raises should be a priority in the annual state budget and should be provided prior to pay for performance raises.

Pay Raises/Salary Adjustments

TSEA began discussions last year with legislators about a 2016 bonus for state employees. We believe those discussions led to a higher percentage increase in the announced merit pay raises than originally reported. We will work with Governor Haslam and the legislature to insure that merit pay raises are fully funded.