A note about inclement weather

TSEA February 8, 2016 Comments Off on A note about inclement weather

Due to hazardous travel conditions that developed during the very early hours of the day on Friday, January 22, a state of emergency was declared for the State of Tennessee.

With questions from members about the inclement weather leave policy, TSEA Compensation and Benefits staff confirmed with the TN Dept. of Human Resources that all employees will receive a day of Administrative Leave UNLESS you were on pre-approved annual or sick leave.  If you had already requested time off prior to the announcement of the closing of state offices and it was approved, you will be charged a day of leave.

Further, IF you worked that day, or a portion of the day, AND your job classification receives compensatory time, you should receive compensatory time for the hours worked.

Should you have more specific questions, please contact TSEA’s Compensation and Benefits staff at 615-256-4533 or 1- 800-251-8732.