TDOC 28 Day Work Cycle

TSEA May 23, 2014 Comments Off on TDOC 28 Day Work Cycle
TDOC 28 Day Work Cycle

As you may know, the Tennessee Department of Correction intends to implement a 28-day work cycle, scheduled to begin at Northeast Correctional Complex on August 24, 2014. TSEA is actively looking into this issue.

TSEA would also like to hear from our DOC members about this issue.

We are concerned for the impact this change will have on staff safety, staff morale, and public safety. Please click the link below to share your thoughts on how this change will impact your specific facility, your work life as a correction employee, and any other information you have about this change. All information will be kept confidential.

Please take a moment to give us your input by clicking HERE.

TSEA believes the implementation of this change will result in the following:

  • Reduce the number of staff at each institution
  • Decrease employee morale
  • Decrease consistency within our prisons and the ability to properly know the routine of inmates, (i.e. suicide, escape attempts, riots)
  • Create inconsistencies in employee schedules (due to mandatory schedule adjustments, and some working 5 days, some 6 days )
  • Require employees to work longer hours with less compensation
  • Discourage longevity in employment, reducing experience
  • Decrease employee safety at correctional institutions – due to fewer employees
  • Decrease public safety – due to employees working longer hours  (i.e. suicide, escape attempts, riots)
  • Create inconsistencies in employee compensation
  • Result in additional costs to the state
  • Prevent employees from using as much leave time, resulting in more rollover
  • Force employees to adjust their home lives on a 28-day cycle instead of planning weekly

TSEA will soon meet with DOC officials to obtain information and answers, and express member concerns about this change. Our Board of Directors will meet tomorrow and discuss this issue.  As we learn more, we will update you on our website, through email blasts, and on social media.