State Benefits Survey

TSEA August 24, 2018 Comments Off on State Benefits Survey
State Benefits Survey

The State recently sent an email from F&A Commissioner Larry Martin and Benefits Administration Executive Director Laurie Lee telling you about a benefits survey the State is conducting. The State has contracted with Mercer, an independent human resources consulting firm, to conduct an online Benefits Survey to measure your preferences and satisfaction with the various insurance plans and programs available to you.

Benefits Administration wants to better understand which health benefits employees and their families value most. They will review the results of the survey to determine how well the health benefits are meeting the needs of our diverse workforce, and whether or not making any program refinements should be considered to better respond to your needs.

Important: They are not planning to decrease the total amount spent or cut programs. Your responses may help shape health benefits in the future.

The survey is confidential. It will take about 15 minutes or less to complete. Results, but no individual surveys, will be analyzed by Mercer and shared with the State Group Insurance Committee. State employees have three representatives on this committee including TSEA Executive Director Randy Stamps.

Mercer sent the survey to insurance plan members on Thursday (8/23). The subject line is: State of Tennessee 2018 Health Benefits Survey. Reminder emails will be sent by Mercer to anyone who has not completed the survey on 8/29, 9/5 and 9/12. A final reminder will go out on the morning of 9/14.

Member participation is confidential and important to making this effort a success. We encourage you to complete and return it at your earliest convenience.

NOTE: The survey is unique to individual members so please do not share the survey link from your own survey or forward it to others. If you have any technical problems while completing the survey, please send an email to: [email protected]