Bill limiting DCS caseloads passes House

TSEA February 7, 2018 Comments Off on Bill limiting DCS caseloads passes House
Bill limiting DCS caseloads passes House

The House during this morning’s floor session (2/7/2018), after substituting and conforming to the Senate version of the bill, unanimously passed an amended version of SB1168.

This bill as amended today would require the Department of Children’s Services to maintain case manager staffing levels so that case manager caseloads do not exceed the average of 20 active cases relating to initial assessments or the average of 20 children monitored and supervised per case manager.

HB972/SB1168 is sponsored by Rep. Courtney Rogers and Senator Joey Hensley, and is part of TSEA’s legislative agenda. During the 2017 session of the General Assembly, SB1168 was passed unanimously by the Senate.

The original bill limited caseloads to not more than 20, however, the amendment changed the language to be the average of 20.

The bill as amended by the House now moves back to the Senate.

HB972/SB1168 is an exciting bill for DCS state employees.

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