Legislative Update: Week Ending 1-29-2021

TSEA January 29, 2021 Comments Off on Legislative Update: Week Ending 1-29-2021
Legislative Update: Week Ending 1-29-2021

The 112th Tennessee General Assembly convened on January 12, 2021.

The top priority of the TSEA over the next two years of the 112th General Assembly is to secure the proper monetary reward, whether by salary raises, hazardous duty pay, or bonuses to reflect the sacrifice and dedication shown by state and higher education employees during the pandemic. Our Legislative Agenda for 2021/2022 also includes the following: 

  • Secure continued funding to reach 100 % funding for TCRS for state and higher ed employees
  • Secure funding to continue the state’s 80 percent portion of health insurance for state and higher ed employees
  • Extend longevity to employees who do not currently receive it with the bonus based on performance
  • Restore the legislative intent of the burden of proof in a disciplinary hearing to the state
  • Support elimination of private prisons
  • Codify the match on the 401(k) for state employees and higher Ed employees at $50
  • Opportunity for daycare for state employees
  • Expanding paid medical leave
  • Secure funding for increases promised to probation and parole officers in last year’s budget but cut due to a lack of funding

Last week, the Legislature held a special session on education to address issues facing Tennessee students and schools including learning loss, funding, accountability, literacy, and teacher pay. The Tennessee State Employees Association’s Board of Directors, including our Executive Director, sent a letter to Governor Bill Lee and to select members of the Tennessee General Assembly to remind them of the dedication of state employees during the pandemic and to ask our elected leaders to also prioritize state employee pay during the 2021 legislative session. 

To view TSEA’s letter to Governor Lee, click here. 

We are encouraged by what we are hearing from your legislators during some of our recent meetings and conversations. We believe there is support for rewarding state and higher ed employees for their dedication and hard work during the pandemic.

The Governor’s State of the State is scheduled for Monday, February 8. Soon after his speech, Gov. Lee’s proposed budget will be released, and we will see what funding is included in the budget for state and higher ed employees. When we have those proposed funding numbers, we will communicate that data to our members.

Thank you for being a member of TSEA and for your dedication and commitment to serving Tennessee’s citizens. Please continue to monitor your email for the latest updates.