Longevity and Insurance Bill Updates – April 22, 2015

TSEA April 22, 2015 0
Longevity and Insurance Bill Updates – April 22, 2015

The Senate last week passed the Longevity Bill, and just after 3:00 PM today, passed the Health Insurance Bill after accepting all the recommended committee amendments.

The House Monday passed both the Longevity Bill and the Health Insurance Bill. The bills are now headed to Governor Haslam’s desk to be signed.

IMPORTANT: All current state employees are exempt from both of these bills. That means your longevity and your health insurance benefits will remain intact. 

The final budget also includes funding for state employee raises to be distributed in January 2016. Currently, our understanding is that the state plans to fund 1.5% raises for employees who on their performance evaluation receive a “Valued” rating, 2.5% for an “Advanced” rating, and 3.5% for an “Outstanding” rating. Of course, these percentages are subject to change. As we know more, we will let you know.

TSEA will have a full session recap later this week .

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