TSEA attends state employee conferences

TSEA November 1, 2012 Comments Off on TSEA attends state employee conferences
TSEA attends state employee conferences

The TSEA is dedicated to building a better workforce for the state of Tennessee. One of the ways we do that is by supporting our members who join professional organizations and attend their annual sessions.

This year, TSEA staff attended three of these conferences and enjoyed the time spent with our members and recruited new members.

For many years now, TSEA has had an ongoing, constructive relationship with the Tennessee Correctional Association (TCA) and the Tennessee Public Health Association (TPHA). TCA is open to membership for state employees mostly in the corrections field, while TPHA is for those in the health and science areas.

We were very excited to be invited to the Tennessee Public Defender’s Conference for the first time.  Field Representatives Terry Carroll and Lisa Moffett spent an afternoon with employees from Public Defender’s Offices across the state, learning about issues that concern them and giving them information about TSEA. Many thanks to Ms. Paige Edwards, Assistant Executive Director of the Conference, for inviting us. Some of you long-time members might be interested to know that Paige is the daughter of Kathy Edwards, who served on the TSEA Board for many years.

We have already made plans to attend these three conferences again and will also be adding the District Attorney’s Conference again next year. If you belong to a similar group in Tennessee that would be appropriate for TSEA staff to attend and have a display table or even speak to the group, please contact the TSEA Office at (615) 256-4533. We are always willing to support our members’ efforts to improve their own skills, as well as improve services to the State of Tennessee.