TSEA congratulates new DHS commissioner Danielle Barnes

TSEA January 23, 2017 Comments Off on TSEA congratulates new DHS commissioner Danielle Barnes

The Tennessee State Employees Association congratulates Danielle Barnes on her promotion to commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Commissioner Barnes is a strong leader who TSEA believes will stabilize a department that has struggled in recent years. In addition, her knowledge of state human resources policies and rules will ensure fair treatment for state employees working in DHS under her leadership.

“TSEA has a long and productive history working with Mrs. Barnes during her time with the Department of Human Resources,” TSEA Executive Director Randy Stamps said. “Though we haven’t always agreed on every policy, Mrs. Barnes always made time for state employees, including several appearances at our association’s annual Representative Assembly. We wish her luck as she enters this new chapter of her career.”

Over the last half-decade, TSEA spent many hours with Danielle Barnes and others negotiating terms of the TEAM-ACT, Employee Appeals, Performance Evaluations, Pay-For-Performance, Market Adjustments and many other state employee issues related to employee rights and benefits.