TSEA Makes a Difference

TSEA August 12, 2014 Comments Off on TSEA Makes a Difference
TSEA Makes a Difference

“I’ve never before campaigned for a Republican, (a life changing experience 🙂 ). But the most fun I’ve had so far with TSEA was campaigning in Williamson County for Rep. Charles Michael Sargent!” – Brian Anthis, Davidson County Chapter

Volunteering a few hours on a Saturday afternoon or an evening after work can make a huge difference in a legislative campaign.

We saw that in Rep. Charles Sargent’s primary. Two weeks ago, TSEA members from nine counties in Middle Tennessee turned out on a Saturday morning to support Chairman Sargent’s campaign by canvassing door to door in his district and Charles Sargent won by 256 votes!

TEAM-Endorsed Candidate Primary Victories in Contested Races

Senate Bailey – District 15

Harper – District 19*

House T. Hill – District 3*

Hawk – District 5*

Van Huss – District 6*

M. Hill – District 7*

Alexander – District 39

Sargent – District 61

Moody – District 81

Towns – District 84

Akbari – District 91

Wilburn – District 94*

*Candidates featured in TEAM’s Targeted Races, in the Co-Worker