TSEA to Assist DHS Employees

TSEA June 17, 2014 Comments Off on TSEA to Assist DHS Employees
TSEA to Assist DHS Employees

TSEA is very concerned by the recent elimination of more than 100 jobs by the Department of Human Services.

DHS, on Friday, eliminated 121 probationary positions in their Family Assistance division. The impacted employees were notified of the ending of their service with an additional 10 days paid and payment for any accrued annual or compensation leave DHS said in a news release. Earlier this year DHS eliminated 256 vacant positions.

The Department of Human Resources told TSEA that these employees were separated because of “agency reorganization and budgetary constraints.”

TSEA is always concerned anytime filled positions are eliminated due to the impact on both the terminated employees, as well as those remaining state employees, as caseloads are shifted.

TSEA is also concerned when positions are eliminated about the state’s ability to continue to provide quality services to our citizens who depend upon, expect, and pay for those services.

TSEA recognizes the probationary status of these employees, and that this is not considered a reduction-in-force. However, If you or someone you know had their job eliminated in this recent action by DHS, while you do not have appeal rights, you do maintain your eligibility to be rehired in other positions at DHS and in other state departments.

Also, If you were not informed that you would be compensated as outlined above, or if you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact TSEA.

We also encourage you to visit the DOHR website to search for other employment opportunities for which you qualify. Please click the following link to view all vacancies and promotional vacancies currently listed on the Department of Human Resources’ Job Information board through NeoGov: