TSEA Vision Care Upgraded

TSEA March 20, 2013 Comments Off on TSEA Vision Care Upgraded
TSEA Vision Care Upgraded

TSEA prides itself on bringing the best value possible to our membership.  As part of this mission, we are constantly evaluating the marketplace for products and services that enhance the membership experience.  After a careful review of our options, we transitioned the TSEA vision plan coverage from Humana to Ameritas/VSP, as of March 1, 2013.  You will see the improved coverage with Ameritas/VSP, which offers several advantages, including:

• Lower monthly premiums and lower copays for vision exams and materials
• Better benefit allowances both in and out of network for most vision services
• Larger national network with more providers from which to choose.

Enrollment Began March 1st, 2013. Call Federated Marketing at 1-800-880-6542 or visit federatedmarketing.com for more information and sign up today!

Contact our office at 1-800-251-8732 if you would like to receive a benefit highlight sheet that summarizes the upgrades.  Click the “Vision Plan Comparison” button below for a comparison of the Ameritas plan to that of the state plan. We hope you can see that there really is more to membership in TSEA “than meets the eye.”

vision care plan comparison