UTHSC abruptly announces layoffs for 70 employees

TSEA March 12, 2021 0
UTHSC abruptly announces layoffs for 70 employees

TSEA has recently learned the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is laying off 70 employees effective today, Friday, March 12. UTHSC notified affected employees this morning that they would be placed on administrative leave effective immediately, which would last through May 31.

“We are aware of the situation at UT Health Science Center and are working to gather more details about this very troubling and abrupt announcement,” TSEA Executive Director Randy Stamps said. “In the meantime, TSEA’s number one priority is assisting and advising our members who just lost their jobs.”

TSEA members affected by the layoff should contact the TSEA office at 800-251-8732 and ask to speak to someone in our Compensation and Benefits Division. Our Compensation and Benefits staff is available to answer questions and offer professional guidance and advice on the steps you will want to consider.

This is a developing story. TSEA will continue to investigate and gather more details in the coming days.

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