39th Representative Assembly Review

TSEA June 19, 2013 Comments Off on 39th Representative Assembly Review
39th Representative Assembly Review

TSEA’s 39th Representative Assembly met last weekend with a packed schedule. Having no association constitution or by-law proposals to discuss, attendees had the opportunity to attend the TSEA Board of Directors meeting and vocalize their thoughts on State Government employment to the Board.

Members also had the chance to meet with representatives and Commissioners from TDOT, DHS, DOC, and DCS and directly communicate with those in charge about issues such as the implementation of the TEAM Act and salary or safety issues.

Informative workshops on Retirement and Adult Bullying in the Workplace were held, and attendees had the chance to honor their fellow dedicated state employees at the annual Awards Dinner.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey spoke to a large group of state employees at the TEAM Convention, reporting that he had bragged about Tennessee’s broad success just that morning to the Correctional Association, which he attributed to the hard work of state employees.

Members were also able to hear House Minority Leader Rep. Craig Fitzhugh speak at the Saturday Business Session about the need to provide good, guaranteed benefits for state employees who work too hard and are paid too little.

It was a busy weekend, and we thank all who attended TSEA’s 39th Representative Assembly! We’ll see you in September for Leadership University!

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