2013 Salary Study Calculator

TSEA June 20, 2013 Comments Off on 2013 Salary Study Calculator
2013 Salary Study Calculator

Earlier this morning, TSEA received a copy of the state’s salary calculator and instructions as sent to workers in DHS. This calculator was provided by the state to assist you in determining what your level of compensation will be after the results of the Governor’s salary compensation study are implemented on July 1st.

In order to use the calculator, you will need the following information:

• Your Edison ID and Password to log-in to Edison

and from Edison:

  • Your Official Job title
  • Your Current Gross Monthly Salary before deductions
  • Your Years of State Service – After July 1, 2013

Please CLICK HERE for instructions on navigating Edison to acquire the above information.

Directions to save and use the Salary Calculator:

  1. CLICK HERE to download the Salary Calculator
  2. When the Salary Calculator opens, PLEASE read the information provided for clarification.

If you need assistance, please contact your HR department.