Annual Enrollment for the Sick Leave Bank Begins August 1st

TSEA July 24, 2014 Comments Off on Annual Enrollment for the Sick Leave Bank Begins August 1st

What would you and your family do if suddenly and unexpectedly you became very ill or suffered an injury? Would you have leave balances sufficient to allow you ample time off from work? Have you thought about what you would do if you had little leave available or exhausted all your leave before you recovered and could return to work?

The state’s central government Sick Leave Bank (SLB) grants paid sick leave to members who are medically
certified as unable to perform the duties of their jobs as a result of a personal illness, injury, accident, disability, medical condition, or quarantine; and who have exhausted all their personal sick, compensatory, and annual leave balances. Just as it is important to protect your home, automobile, possessions, and many other valuables, protecting your job is essential.

Annual enrollment in the SLB each year begins on AUGUST 1st and extends through OCTOBER 31st.

All state employees who are entitled to accrue sick leave according to T.C.A. § 8-50-802, who have been employed by state government for 12 full months immediately preceding application for participation, who are currently accruing leave, and who have a sick leave balance of at least 6 days as of October 31st of the current enrollment year are eligible to enroll in the SLB.

Any employee who elects to join the SLB will initially have the equivalent of 4 days of sick leave deducted from his or her personal accumulation and donated to the SLB during November once enrollment ends on October 31st. Thereafter, 1 day of sick leave per year will be assessed from SLB members each October 1st unless the SLB Board waives the assessment by written notice.

You have ample time to enroll and it is easy. On August 1st or after, just go to the DOHR website listed to the right of this article. You will be asked for your employee ID and birthdate to login and apply, and afterward you will be able to print a confirmation of your enrollment request.

If you do not have access to the Internet, contact your agency’s Human Resource office for assistance. If you do qualify, the 4 days of sick leave you must donate for membership will be deducted from your sick leave balance by, or before, November 30th. In November you will be notified by your HR office if you did not qualify to join.

Your application cannot be submitted earlier than August 1 and no later than October 31. Don’t miss this deadline or you will have to wait another full year to join and be without the protection bank membership provides.

Click here for complete info about SLB benefits, member responsibilities, eligibility, enrollment criteria, and required forms

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