ParTNers for Health Biometric Screening Deadline

TSEA June 30, 2014 0
ParTNers for Health Biometric Screening Deadline

REMEMBER: ParTNers For Health Members…Your biometric screening deadline is July 15!  

Keep your promise and complete your screening right away!   If you haven’t attended an onsite screening or turned in your screening results from your Physician’s Screening Form (PSF) yet, please do so before the July 15, 2014 deadlineAfter today, there are only 15 days left to fulfill your promise.

You Must Keep Your Promise In Order To Keep Your Lower-Cost Plan.

As a member of the Partnership PPO, you and your covered spouse, if he/she is covered by the state group health insurance plan, agreed to have a screening completed by July 15, 2014. That means time is running out. Get your results in on time so you can keep your lower-cost health insurance plan.

Your Options 

  • Call or visit your doctor’s office right away to use your results from a physical that you had on or after July 16, 2013.  Download your Physician Screening Form, fill in your waist circumference, and get your doctor to complete the form. The completed form is not valid until both you and your doctor sign it. It can be sent to Onsite Health Diagnostics by you or your doctor.  Their fax number is (214) 203-0395.
  • Visit a walk-in clinic or urgent care center. 
    If you are unable to see your doctor and there is not an onsite screening in your area, download your Physician Screening Form and take it to an in-network walk-in clinic or urgent care center. There should be no charge as long as you ask your provider to code the visit as “preventive”. The completed and signed form must be sent to Onsite Health Diagnostics.

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