Gov. Bill Lee issues guidance for state employees

TSEA March 13, 2020 Comments Off on Gov. Bill Lee issues guidance for state employees
Gov. Bill Lee issues guidance for state employees

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Gov. Bill Lee issued a statement today advising certified state employees to work from home effective immediately until March 31, 2020, as more confirmed cases of COVID-19 surface in Tennessee.

“COVID-19 is an evolving situation but we urge vulnerable populations, including those over age 60 and with chronic medical conditions to limit participation in mass gatherings and to take extra precautions for personal well-being like increased hand-washing,” Governor Lee said in a news release.

“With 26 confirmed cases in our state, we have issued further guidance to help communities mitigate the spread of COVID-19.” 

State employees who have been trained and certified to work from home within the state’s Alternative Workplace Solutions (AWS) program will work from home through March 31.

Approximately 11,000 state employees are certified AWS employees and can begin work from home with no disruption to state business. 

In addition, state employees have been instructed to immediately cease all non-essential business travel through March 31. 

Governor Lee’s news release also addressed in more detail mass gatherings, schools, and the State Capitol Building. To read the release in its entirety, click here.