Important committee meetings that state employees need to attend

TSEA March 12, 2013 Comments Off on Important committee meetings that state employees need to attend
Important committee meetings that state employees need to attend

Pension Plan Update, 3/13/13

This afternoon the House State Government Subcommittee passed the Pension bill on to the full committee without allowing any discussion of the bill. The full committee will meet next week – as soon as we know the schedule, we will let you know.

Pension Plan Update, 3/12/13

Yesterday, the Council on Pensions & Insurance joint committee continued to discuss the State Treasurer’s Pension proposal, with TSEA testifying to outline our concerns on behalf of future state employees. TSEA also presented its alternative pension plan proposal, as requested by the committee last week.

The Pension bill (SB1005/HB0948) ultimately passed out of the Pensions & Insurance Committee unchanged, and without a motion to consider TSEA’s proposal.

TSEA is concerned as to the impact of the Treasurer’s Pension Plan on future state employees and will continue to speak with Legislators and the Treasurer in the coming weeks.

More information on the Hybrid Pension Plan for new state employees is coming soon, both here on and the latest issue of the Co-Worker.

Monday, March 11, 2013 – Council on Pensions and Insurance meeting – Legislative Plaza, Room 12 – 12:30 PM

The Treasurer’s proposed Hybrid Pension plan will be discussed further and TSEA’s alternate plan will be considered. While it is important for current state employees and retirees to know that these changes will not at all affect your pension, we must remain involved on behalf of future state employees. It is very important that state employees attend this meeting. Contact TSEA for more information 615-256-4533 or 800-251-8732.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 – Important Legislative Committee Day 

Below, you will find the schedule of next week’s legislative committees where some of TSEA’s legislation is on calendar to be heard. It is important that our state employees are in attendance to demonstrate their support for our legislative efforts before the committees. If you are interested in attending, please notify LaTanya McAddoo ([email protected]) or Gayle Robb ([email protected]) at the TSEA office.
You may also contact us by phone by calling (615) 256-4533 or toll FREE at 1-800-251-8732 to speak with either LaTanya or Gayle. We ask that you notify us as soon as possible so we have an idea of how many members will attend the meetings.


Please note that members are only eligible to have their travel expenses reimbursed for one (1) committee day and Lobby Day.


Tuesday’s (March 12th) Schedule:


Attendees will meet TSEA Government Affairs Director Sarah Adair at the entrance of Legislative Plaza (corner of 6th Ave & Union Street) for a run-down on the day’s events and the bills in committee. Don’t forget to bring your State Employee ID!


 House Local Government Committee

State Employees as Election Officials – HB0578 (T. Hill) / SB0873 (Crowe)


1:30 PM
Senate Commerce & Labor Committee

Labor/Public Employee Dues bill (an anti-TSEA bill) – SB0725 (Campfield) / HB0913 (Casada)


House Education Committee

Relief for Parking Fees for Higher Education Employees – HB1306 (Windle) / SB 1369 (Tate)


There will be additional dates (as not yet scheduled) for members to attend other selected legislative committee meetings in Nashville where bills will be heard that are crucial to state employees. These Committee Days are very important meetings for state employees to attend. We will continue to do our very best to give you as much advance notice as possible about these legislative committee dates.


TSEA members attending will be reimbursed for travel to these committee meetings at the following Association reimbursement rates:

Mileage reimbursed at 42 cents per mile for those outside of Davidson County (We urge members to rideshare with 2 or more members per vehicle).

  • Breakfast – $6
  • Lunch – $8
  • Dinner – $14 (only for those who have an extreme driving distance that would cause them to arrive home after 8:00PM)


Should your chapter and/or several members from your area want to bring a large group to Nashville for one of these committee days, please call John Cahill or Tim Clo in TSEA’s Accounting office for approval and to make arrangements for a chartered bus reservation.


Reminder: March 12th is the deadline to register to attend this year’s Lobby Day (to be held March 26th!)


Remember, every individual voice makes our collective voice stronger. We look forward to seeing some of you next week, and more of you later this month!