Sick Leave Bank Enrollment

TSEA August 2, 2019 Comments Off on Sick Leave Bank Enrollment
Sick Leave Bank Enrollment

Sick Leave Bank Annual enrollment is held each year from Aug. 1 to Oct. 31. To enroll in the Sick Leave Bank, visit:

For complete information about SLB benefits, visit:

All state government employees are eligible to enroll in the SLB if they are entitled to accrue sick leave according to TCA § 8-50-802, have been employed by state government for 12 full months immediately preceding application for participation, are currently accruing leave, and have a sick leave balance of at least 6 days as of October 31st of the current enrollment year.

Any employee who elects to enroll in the SLB will initially have the equivalent of 4 days of sick leave deducted from his or her personal sick leave balance to be donated to the SLB during November after enrollment ends on October 31st.

Thereafter, 1 day of sick leave per year will be assessed from SLB members each October 1st unless the SLB Board waives the assessment by written notice.

Some Higher Ed institutions also have sick leave banks that we encourage our members to consider. For more information please contact your local HR Department.