Subcommittee defers Longevity and Health Insurance bills

TSEA March 18, 2015 Comments Off on Subcommittee defers Longevity and Health Insurance bills
Subcommittee defers Longevity and Health Insurance bills

The House State Government Subcommittee today deferred HB647 and HB648. 

HB647, the bill that would eliminate Longevity Pay for the majority of state employees was rolled to the final calendar of the subcommittee. When we know the exact date of that calendar, we will let you know.

HB648, the bill the reduces health insurance benefits for state employees, was rolled one-week to March 25.

As you may know,  TSEA’s Board of Directors voted to oppose both of these bills during their February 28 meeting.

What can you do?

If you haven’t contacted your legislators about either of these bills, you need to contact them this week!

Tell them you are concerned with how this legislation will affect state employees. Tell them what Longevity Pay means to you and your family. Tell them the insurance bill is very complicated and needs to be studied, not passed, to understand its full impact.


IMPORTANT – ONLY CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS. And when you call, tell them your address so they can verify you are their constituent.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL LEGISLATORS IN OTHER DISTRICTS. Calling Legislators from other districts could be counter-productive to our efforts, as legislators begin to assume all calls are from outside their districts and they stop listening to our concerns.

TSEA will continue to keep you updated and informed as more information is made available.