TDOT Update

TSEA November 12, 2013 0
TDOT Update

In a recent meeting with TSEA, the Department of Transportation announced that it is in the process of hiring two staff members from the Department of Labor to work with all employees who do not have a GED.

These staff members will personally reach out to each of these TDOT employees to develop a personal plan to help them achieve the degree. As TSEA has emphasized many times, TDOT expects all staff to try and get the GED. If the department does not know of your plans, please contact them. It is very important that everyone who does not have a GED reach out and call your regional educational coordinator to discuss your own situation. Your regional coordinator will then communicate with the new Labor staff as to who needs help reaching the goal.

These coordinators are all high level management staff who are accessible and willing to assist all employees. TDOT has asked TSEA to encourage all members to contact them with any questions regarding the GED process or related issues. Find the list below of TDOT Regional Coordinators and their contact information.

Region 1 – Kristin Qualls
[email protected]
865-594-2350 office

Region 2 – Richard Howell
[email protected]
931-526-4522 office
423-402-5061 cell

Region 3 – Amy Fiscor
[email protected]
615-350-4388 office

Region 4 – Scott Taylor
[email protected]
731-935-0171 office.

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