Voluntary Separation Program Update

TSEA March 1, 2021 Comments Off on Voluntary Separation Program Update
Voluntary Separation Program Update

Staff Report

Today DOHR emailed state employees some timeline information about the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) program approved in last year’s budget. There was also communication with state legislators regarding the $50 million budgeted for the program. TSEA is continuing to collect information. At this time, specific details are not available. TSEA is communicating our questions and closely monitoring the situation.

Below is updated information about the Voluntary Separation program received by state employees.

The State Fiscal Year 2021 budget, as enacted in June 2020, included funding for the Department of Human Resources (DOHR) to operationalize a Voluntary Separation Program (VSP) for state employees. The program will provide eligible employees the opportunity to voluntarily elect to separate from employment with the State of Tennessee and receive a compensation package as described under the program.

The VSP is still in development phases; however, we anticipate the VSP eligible job classifications to be identified and submitted to DOHR by April 2021. Offers for the VSP are projected to be made to employees in eligible classifications in June.

The VSP is not an early retirement incentive program. Eligible classifications will be determined through an assessment to identify efficiencies and address changes in operations resulting from the pandemic. More information about the VSP will be provided as available in the coming months, including the VSP compensation package.

DOHR provided the following email address for questions: [email protected]

Members with questions about the Voluntary Separation Program or other issues can email TSEA at [email protected]