Want a Pay Raise?

TSEA November 13, 2014 Comments Off on Want a Pay Raise?
Want a Pay Raise?

Do you want a pay raise? If so, click here to join us in asking for one by signing our petition to the Governor.

Over the last four years state employees have met Governor Haslam’s challenge of becoming a more customer-focused, efficient and effective workforce.

In 2013, while meeting those goals, state employees helped Tennessee come in under budget by $80 million.

Last year, due to revenue shortfalls, state employees were not given a promised 1% pay increase so that the administration could balance the budget.

The cost of living increased last year at a rate of 1.7%, but state employees still performed at their best, often with fewer workers, while their economic position declined.

That is because state employees believe in Tennessee and are invested in improving our state’s future.

As the Governor is in the process of conducting the budget hearings, let’s remember that only a few days ago the Department of Finance and Administration recorded the strongest first quarter growth since 2011, $101.6 million more than the budgeted estimate.

Tourism tax revenues are setting all-time-records in Tennessee.

Financially speaking, things in Tennessee are off to a better start than in previous years and TSEA is hopeful that this year state employees will receive the hard-earned pay raise they deserve.

However, we are not planning to sit idly by hoping for a pay raise.

In most jobs, if you want a pay raise you have to ask for one. That’s why this year TSEA has launched a state-wide petition for state employees to ask Governor Haslam for a pay raise.

Governor Haslam recently told the press that increasing pay for teachers will be a priority next year.

We agree teachers deserve a pay raise. But so do state employees.

We are asking Governor Haslam to invest in us by making a pay raise for state employees a priority for the coming year.

Simply put, if we are not keeping pace with the cost of living, we are going backwards.

If you want a pay raise, click here to sign our petition  and share it with your coworkers.

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