Across the state, Legislators show support for State Employees

TSEA December 2, 2019 Comments Off on Across the state, Legislators show support for State Employees

JACKSON – Five legislators made time to visit with state employees in early Nov. at TSEA’s Jackson Legislative Dinner, sharing words of support for TSEA and state employees.

“I enjoy the relationship with your team, they are always very helpful to inform us of the things that you need that will help you do your jobs better for the state serving our fine citizens, thank you again for what you do,” Rep. Chris Todd said.

“My door is always open. TSEA is fun to work with, I enjoy seeing them coming because I know they’ve got some real concerns that need to be addressed, and I’m always happy to do whatever I can to help,” Rep. Debra Moody said.

Other legislators joining state employees for the dinner were Sen. Ed Jackson, Rep. Andy Holt, and Rep. Johnny Shaw.

“We can’t have a good state unless our state employees make it a good state,” Rep. Johnny Shaw said. “I’m proud to be a Tennessean, but you all are the reason why we’re proud. Because you are in the trenches every day to make it happen and we just thank you for what you do.”

“Johnny Shaw and I have sat on a lot of committees together,” said Rep. Andy Holt. “You know what? We disagree on issues from time to time. But it seems like on almost every one of the issues that are brought to us by TSEA, we can see eye to eye on.” Rep. Holt continued, pointing out that there are many partisan issues in government, but the issues faced by state employees are bipartisan. “When it comes to taking care of the needs of our state employees, those who are out there on the front lines each and every day, I don’t think you are going to find a Republican, and I don’t think you are going to find a Democrat, who says, ‘we’re paying those folks way too much, we definitely need to start cutting more from them,’” Rep Holt said. “Now, the past administration may have left you with that impression… I don’t think the current administration has that same view of state employees.”

Our last guest to speak to state employees was Sen. Ed Jackson, who has sponsored recent TSEA legislation and, like the other legislators in attendance, is a good friend to state employees. ” Over the last several years I’ve tried to help TSEA on many issues,” Sen. Jackson said. “I really appreciate what you do and support you wholeheartedly”

Relationships are built on trust and accountability, and state employees and TSEA have worked very hard to build strong relationships at the legislature. It is clear our efforts are bearing fruit. We are grateful to all the legislators who joined us in Jackson and look forward to accomplishing great things for state employees in the coming months.