Budget passes; No raises for state employees

TSEA April 10, 2014 Comments Off on Budget passes; No raises for state employees
Budget passes; No raises for state employees

NASHVILLE – A last-ditch effort to restore raises for state employees in the state budget failed Thursday afternoon on the House floor.

Rep. Craig Fitzhugh and Rep. Matthew Hill both proposed amendments to fund contingency raises for state employees and teachers that would have been paid-out if and when revenue became available, with Hill going a step further including a one-time bonus of $500 for state employees. A brief discussion was held before each vote. Fitzhugh’s proposals were tabled and Hill withdrew his amendments without a vote due to a lack of support.

The House later voted 68-27 to pass the $32.4 Billion state budget. Thursday afternoon, the Senate voted 28-3 to pass the budget. Despite the efforts of TSEA and several House Legislators, lawmakers voted down all efforts to boost salaries for public workers this year.

Look for more information in the next legislative update.