General Services Parking Information for Downtown Nashville State Employees

TSEA February 4, 2014 Comments Off on General Services Parking Information for Downtown Nashville State Employees
General Services Parking Information for Downtown Nashville State Employees

TN State Parking Lots 6, 7, and 9A were closed earlier the last week of January due to the development of the new Sounds Baseball Ballpark, which has moved state employee parking to LP Field and spurred the creation of new shuttle routes. We have received a number of phone calls and emails from concerned employees in downtown Nashville regarding this transition.

TSEA spoke with General Services, and they understand that this is a significant change and that there is going to be confusion and frustration as everyone, including the shuttle drivers, adjust to the new routes. The State Parking Services Manager has emailed all affected employees with maps of the parking lots and shuttle routes, but both TSEA and General Services understand that the information may not be reaching everyone it needs to reach.

Here is what we know about the new arrangement: 

  1. Beginning Monday, January 27th, State employees will be able to park at  LP Field, Section D (Section B for overflow) from 6am-7pm
  2. Your general parking hangtag (purple) will allow you to park in this lot. This lot is a good solution for those who live North, South and East of Nashville, as it will eliminate much of the downtown commute and congestion
  3. State’s Shuttle routes from LP field to downtown are as follows:
    Morning and Afternoon State shuttle route
    Midday State shuttle route (9am – 3:30pm, 15 minute runs). The stops will be Section A at LP field, then at Regions and the Courthouse. Employees should look for the LP Field marquees, as these shuttles are used by everyone.
  4. State shuttle route colors Blue, Green & Orange have been discontinued. The Red shuttle route from last fall was a temporary route to accommodate employees being relocated to the Andrew Johnson Building and TN Tower due to the T3 Project.
  5. Please be aware that at this time, the shuttle drivers are not allowed to deviate from their assigned routes or make additional, unschedule stops. You can view current routes on the  MVM intranet site.
  6. There is a State shuttle “Express” route coming from LP Field that services the following buildings only: Davy Crockett, Andrew Johnson, Parkway Towers, the Data Center, and TN Tower. You can view information about this route HERE.
  7. General Services is working on alternative parking accommodations for state employees parking at LP Field who would be affected by the CMA Music Festival in June and the Titans football season beginning in August, among other events at LP Field. Once finalized, General Services will share this information with you as well as with TSEA so that there is minimal disruption to your workday and commute.
  8. In addition to the regularly scheduled shuttle service, the Nashville Metro bus line runs from LP Field to the Music City Station. Please visit  TDOT’s Swipe and Ride page for more information on this free service for State employees. You can view the Nashville Metro Bus schedule  HERE.

Additional information of note:

  • Please note that State Parking Lots 1 and 4 are not currently at full capacity and available for parking.
  • Street Parking around Lots 6, 7, 9 and 9A will not be available once construction starts.
  • State Employees cannot utilize Farmer’s Market Parking or they will be towed.
  • The 2 hour time limit on 5th and 6th Avenues for the Bicentennial will be enforced.
  • Anyone found in violation of the State Employee Parking Policy will be towed.
  • Lost and Found for the Metro shuttles: Contact Erin at 615-743-3090

If you encounter problems with parking availability or incorrect routes, please let General Services know by contacting the State Parking Services Manager, Cathy Chapman by email at  [email protected] or by phone at (615) 253-7866.

General Services cannot address your concerns unless you let them know what is working and what isn’t, so keep in touch with them.