DCS Announces Case Manager Series Salary Increases

TSEA June 25, 2021 Comments Off on DCS Announces Case Manager Series Salary Increases
DCS Announces Case Manager Series Salary Increases

Tennessee Department of Children’s Services Commissioner Jennifer Nichols announced today in an email to state employees details about Case Manager series salary increases. Her announcement is below.

We are excited to announce that DCS’ budget for the upcoming fiscal year includes funding for a pay increase for those in the Case Manager series who have completed one year of service by June 30, 2021.  The increase will be 4% – and will be added on top of the Pay for Performance (P4P) increases received for January 1 and upcoming July 1.  We will begin processing this additional increase in July with a July 1 effective date.

This means that most Case Managers (1-4) and Team Coordinators will receive a pay increase between 4% – 10.5% during this year.

Below is an example to determine if you will receive an increase or what your overall increase this year might be:

** 1/1/21 increase based on salary as of 12/30/20
 7/1/21 increase based on salary as of 6/30/21 
DCS increase will be based on salary as of 7/1/21

The July 1 P4P increases will be based on the rating of the 9/30/20 Performance Evaluation.   The increases are Valued 2%, Advanced 4%, and Outstanding 4.5%.

Though we are so pleased to be able to do this for the eligible case managers, please know that we will continue to advocate for ALL of our employees with each budget year, as funding is available.

Thank you, as always, for your dedication to Tennessee’s children and families.