Giving you what you are entitled to is NO COMPROMISE!

TSEA March 10, 2015 0
Giving you what you are entitled to is NO COMPROMISE!

The Governor is calling in members of the House State Government Subcommittee putting pressure on them to take away your longevity pay.

Initially the Governor wanted to take away your longevity pay and give you half back in your base pay.

Next he offered to give you all of your longevity in your base pay, but no more increases and none for new hires.

Who knows what he’ll offer next, but it won’t be protected by statute as is your current longevity pay.

This fails to meet any reasonable definition of the term compromise.

And we all know, promises of pay raises are just that, promises, not statutorily protected. There have been too many years, like last year, when there was no pay raise.

Contact your legislators and let them know that what the Governor is proposing is NO COMPROMISE. Ask them to protect the one chance you have each year of getting some additional compensation for your service to the state of Tennessee. Ask them to protect your longevity pay. Ask them to vote NO on SB 606/HB 647.

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