2016 Primary election unofficial results

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2016 Primary election unofficial results

The following list of TEAM-PAC endorsed candidates only includes those who had primary election challengers. The outcome for each candidate is listed beside their name.

All but one of TEAM-PAC’s endorsed candidates won their district’s primary election!

To view Tennessee’s official election results, CLICK HERE.




SD2 – Doug Overbey (R), Won

SD4 – Jon Lundberg (R), Won

SD16 – Janice Bowling (R), Won

SD20 – Steven Reid Dickerson (R), Won

SD26 – Dolores Gresham (R), Won

SD30 – Sara P. Kyle (D), Won



HD1 – John Crawford (R), Won (a margin of 47 votes)

HD9 – Gary W. Hicks Jr (R), Won

HD11 – Jeremy Faison (R), Won

HD28 – JoAnne Favors (D), Won

HD29 – Mike Carter (R), Won

HD31 – Ron Travis (R), Won

HD38 – Kelly T. Keisling (R), Won

HD39 – David Alexander (R), Won

HD47 – Judd Matheny (R), Won

HD49 – Mike Sparks (R), Won

HD58 – Harold M. Love Jr. (D), Won

HD61 – Charles M. Sargent (R), Won

HD73 – Jimmy Eldridge (R), Won

HD75 – Tim Wirgau (R), Won

HD80 – Johnny W. Shaw (D), Won

HD85 – Johnnie R. Turner (D), Won

HD88 – Larry J Miller (D), Won

HD90 – John J. DeBerry Jr. (D), Won

HD95 – Curry Todd (R), Lost

HD98 – Antonio Parkinson (D), Won