Call to Action // UPDATE

TSEA April 4, 2014 Comments Off on Call to Action // UPDATE
Call to Action // UPDATE

Your voice has been heard!

Thanks to an enormous response from our members and other efforts by your legislators and TSEA, a bi-partisan group of House members is currently working on a plan to find funding for state employees in the current budget.

Several members of the House told TSEA to pass along the following message:

“State employees have friends in the legislature, and we are determined and confident that we will find the money promised to you by the Governor.”

Details of the plan are still being developed, and discussions are delicate. Therefore, for now we are suspending yesterday’s Call to Action.

We are very encouraged about the efforts underway by lawmakers. On behalf of state employees, we do not want to settle for anything less that what has been promised to us, if at all possible.

As we know more details of their plan, including any progress, we will inform you immediately.

If you do reach out to your legislators, ask them to support all efforts by their colleagues to fully fund the raise.