2023 Pay for Performance Awards Announced

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2023 Pay for Performance Awards Announced

The Tennessee Department of Human Resources has announced the pay for performance (P4P) awards for eligible state employees.

According to a communication from DOHR, “employees who received a rating of Meets Expectations, Exceeds Expectations, or Exceptional for the 2022-2023 performance cycle ending on July 31st will receive an increase in base pay using the applicable percentage shown in the chart below. Additionally, employees who achieved Exceeds Expectations or Exceptional ratings will also receive a one-time cash bonus using the applicable percentage shown in the chart below.” 

2023 Pay for Performance Rewards

Rating Base % Increase Bonus % Amount
Meets Expectations 6%
Exceeds Expectations 8% 3.5%
Exceptional 9.25% 7%


Salary adjustments will take effect Sept. 1, 2023, with one-time cash bonuses paid Sept. 30, 2023. DOHR also noted that employees at the top of the salary range will receive P4P as a one-time payment.

“TSEA is pleased to see our state employees recognized and rewarded for their hard work and dedication to serving Tennessee,” said TSEA Executive Director LaTanya McAdoo. “We’re grateful to the General Assembly for prioritizing salary adjustments in this year’s budget and to the Lee administration and DOHR for facilitating these meaningful and substantial raises. Our state employees are among the nation’s best, and it is truly wonderful to see them receive this well-deserved recognition.”

Earlier this year, in January 2023, state employees received one-time bonuses ranging from 1.5% to 3.75% based on their performance ratings.

For more information about Pay for Performance or how to calculate your base salary increase and/or one-time cash bonus, please refer to the FAQs, or visit teamtn.gov/hr. Additional questions may be emailed to [email protected] or addressed with your department-level HR representative.

TSEA members can also contact TSEA with any questions or concerns at 615-256-4533 or by email at [email protected].

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