Market Rate Adjustments Announced

TSEA July 3, 2019 Comments Off on Market Rate Adjustments Announced
Market Rate Adjustments Announced

According to a recent communication from the Department of Human Resources, all job classification salary ranges in the Executive Branch were increased by 5% effective July 1, 2019. Any employee compensated below their new salary range minimum will receive a salary increase up to the new minimum. Eligible employees will see the adjustment reflected in their July 31 paycheck.

IMPORTANT: The 5 percent increase is to salary ranges, not salaries. Not all employees in the executive branch will receive an adjustment.
DOHR has indicated to TSEA that these changes require many manual, multi-step processes and may not appear in Edison for several weeks. For employees whose salary is adjusted, pay adjustments will be reflected in their July 31 paycheck, regardless of when the change appeared in Edison.
According to DOHR, the market increases are based on job market data and are designed to impact employees who are below the new minimum salary ranges, as well as employees working in certain job classifications with high turnover rates.
Additional job classification series were targeted to address compensation gaps based on the market value for certain positions with high turnover.
The nursing series classification will receive an additional 5% toward market for any employee compensated no more than 10% above their new range midpoint.

• Nurse Assistant 2
• LPN2
• LPN3
• Registered Nurse 2
• Registered Nurse 3
• Registered Nurse 4
• Registered Nurse 5
• Nurse Practitioner

The attorney series classification will also receive an additional 5% toward market for any employee compensated below their new range midpoint. Additionally, the attorney classifications will be retitled to market comparatives, and the salary grade will be updated.

• Attorney 2 is now Assistant Counsel at SG112
• Attorney 3 is now Associate Counsel at SG114
• Attorney 4 is now Senior Associate Counsel at SG116
• Legal Services Director is now Deputy General Counsel at SG118

The Department of Human Resources will release the information to your agency HR Directors who will notify employees.

FAQs have been posted at For additional questions, please contact the HR Service Center at [email protected] or 615-741-4841.
The market adjustments are effective for positions in the Executive Branch, including the 23 Cabinet-level agencies and boards and commissions that fall under the T.E.A.M. Act. A complete list of these agencies can be found at: